Quo Tools of the Trade Brush Set Review

My boyfriend recently bought me the Quo Tools of the Trade Brush Set for my birthday from the Holiday Collection that recently launched at my local Shoppers Drugmart.

Quo Tools of the Trade Brush Set | 29$ CA
The set includes a total of 4 high-quality dual ended brushes along with a sleek black case for storage:

  • Powder/ Foundation brush
  • Angled all over shadow brush/ defined shadow brush
  • Crease blender brush/ shadow smudger brush
  • Liner or Brow brush/ flat concealer brush

Review | First Impression |

Today I got the chance to test out these brushes, and I must admit I LOVE them! I’ve never owned dual ended makeup brushes but I sure am happy that I do now. These brushes feel very luxurious to the touch and not to mention beautiful to look at.

The powder brush is just the right size and density to brush loose setting powder under the eyes and all over the face. The crease brush blended my shadows effortlessly, and I was also very successful with the Brow brush. I love using the flat concealer brush to carve out my brows!

Overall, I know I will be getting a ton of use out of these brushes. They have already taken the place of many of my old favourite brushes! I would definitely recommend this product as gift or even a treat for yourself… 

I hope I was able to inspire some of yous to get out there and do some holiday shopping 😂 



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