Essence Pure Nude Highlighter Review| Worth the Hype? 

Over the last few weeks the beauty community has been raving about the Essence -Pure Nude Highlighter… I had to get my hands on it and see what all the fuss was about and to see for myself whether or not it was a great, cheap drugstore highlight; something we’ve all been waiting for, am I right?

I went to my local Shoppers Drugmart to purchase the highlighter and of course… there were none left. I asked the sales clerk if there were any in the back, and luckily she brought me a close second:

This Essence product also comes with a bronzer and is in the shade -01 Light and sells for roughly 5$ CA.

Here are the bronzer and highlight shades swatched next to each other on my arm | The bronzer is a little too fair for my skin tone (medium tan with golden undertones).

This is the highlight applied heavily to the top of the cheekbones using my finger (taken in natural lighting, no flash). It was very hard to get a photo of the highlight applied to the face because it only leaves a very soft glow to the skin.

Worth the Hype?¿ | Review

I was very excited about this highlighter and had very high hopes for it considering my favourite YouTuber, Kathleen Lights, suggested it. Just from swatching the product on my finger, I could tell the formula was cheap and dry. I was no longer excited to apply this when I got home. 

I used one of my fluffy eye blending brushes for precision and density to apply the highlighter to my cheeks. I couldn’t even tell I put anything on with the first layer… let me tell you, I had to really dig my brush in there to get some kind of glow on my cheeks; but -once I saw the soft glow of the highlight on my cheeks, I actually really liked the look of it. It did look a little dry and it did add some texture to the skin, but it did its job, my cheeks were lit.  

5 minutes later I opened my snapchat and I saw NO GLOW. The highlight wore off my cheeks right away! So yes, in the end I was disappointed in the product 😔 it just didn’t do it for me.

Is it worth the Hype? No. Not for me personally anyway. The 5 minutes of glow aren’t worth the 50 layers of highlight it took to get it 😉  Maybe it works best on fair skin tones! Let me know in the comments below how this highlight works for you, and or if this post inspired you in any way!

 I hope you have a wonderful day xo



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  1. Lol love the post- and love Kathleen Lights too. Just out of curiosity, are there any Essence products that you would recommend? I don’t have anything from that brand so I’m not sure where to start with it.

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    1. I don’t have much from them either but the Clear Lash and Brow mascara is awesome to set the brows, and their lip liners! Also their lipsticks (more sheer).


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