Skin Care RoutineΒ 

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I wear makeup almost everyday and I need to use multiple products to make sure it is all properly removed at the end of the day! I personally have oily/combination skin and have found that these products work best for me during the cool winter months! I hope you all enjoy this post and are inspired to start up a skin care routine of your own!

(Disclaimer: I am promoting these products because I like them and they work great for my skin. Please do not be upset if these products do not perform the same on your skin as they do mine. We are all unique!)

  • Step 1 | Coconut Oil

This is the first step to removing my makeup every night. Coconut oil is natural and very gentle on the skin (you can use any brand as long as its organic or 100% coconut oil). I warm up a pea size amount between my hands, then massage it into the skin, lightly removing the makeup on my face and around my eyes. Once I feel like I have removed all the makeup, I follow my removing the coconut oil residue from my face with a wet wash cloth. 

  • Step 2 | Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water

This is great for getting rid of the oily residue left from the coconut oil. I also like to use this product on the nights that I’m too lazy to do all these steps. I soak a cotton pad in this solution and it quickly removes all the stubborn makeup on my face and around my eyes. I loves this. New HG.

  • Step 3 | Face Wash + Exfoliant

  • I love this face wash by the brand Fruits & Flowers. They make different blends such as coconut + almonds but I found that the exfoliants in this one are smaller and less harsh on my skin (and it’s really affordable!!) 

 I love the creamy texture of this cleanser and the reassurance of knowing the dead skin on my face won’t get left behind.

  • Step 4 | Facial Masks

At this point in my routine I would apply a facial mask if necessary. Here are some of my favourites to use after a shower:

This mask is great for blackheads and large pores. It is a self-warming mask from The Body Shop and it heats up on your skin when applied!

I love to apply this mask when my skin feels heavy and needs a good deep cleaning. This Seaweed Clay Mask from The Body Shop dries roughly 10 minutes after applying it, and you can literally feel the mask pulling all the dirt to the surface and cleaning your pores. This can leave your skin feeling a bit dry afterwards, which brings me to my next step…

  • Step 5 | Facial Oil

I love this facial oil from The Body Shop line “The Oils of Life”. It sinks into the skin right away and doesn’t leave an oily residue. I like to apply this before I go to bed or before I do my makeup. I’ve been using this for over a year now and I can  definitely tell it has made an overall difference in the look and feel of my skin. It immediately moisturizers my skin and leaves a fresh glow and scent!

  • Step 6 | Moisturizer

This is my all time favourite drugstore moisturizer by Neutregena. I like to use the oil free, sensitive version to insure it doesn’t irritate my skin. This quickly soaks into the skin and leaves your face feeling hydrated and plump! Definitely recommend for those with dry, sensitive skin 😊

And those are all the products I would normally use to take off my makeup. I don’t always do all these steps, I’m not perfect, but it’s nice to have something like the Garnier Micellar Water or makeup wipes to make sure you always remember to take off your makeup before going to bed!

Thanks for reading,

Xoxo JosΓ©e 


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