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Hello beautiful people ❀✨and Happy New Year! May your 2017 be filled with happiness and positivity 😊

I’ve been so busy with family gatherings and Christmas dinners these past few weeks (sorry for being MIA)- I needed a little retail therapy! I picked up a few great, affordable products from Giant Tiger, Walmart and The Body Shop that I’d like to share with you all-

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream

My skin has been so dry during these cold winter months, and it’s definitely starting to show through my skin. I wanted a night time moisturizer thats going to keep my skin hydrated and looking it’s best. 

I walked into my local body shop and noticed that they were having a 50% off + sale for products that they were discontinuing, and noticed this gem in the pile. I purchased this cream for $12.50 CA and I am very content with this product.

I love that it comes with a pump so A+ for packaging! The cream itself is quite thick in consistency, and must be worked into the skin with fingers-

Personally, I like the scent- It reminds me of tea tree oil. Plus this product is All Natural, not tested on animals, and the ingredients are all organic as well!! 

I haven’t used this product enough to say if I’d purchase it again, but as of now I do like it, and will continue to use it every night.

E.L.F. Poreless Face Primer

I purchased this product for $8 CA at my local Giant Tiger. They now sell a small range of elf products (woohoo)!

Elf recently came out with a new range of face primers for different skin types. I’ve been experiencing large pores and texture on my skin, so I went for the one specifically for smoothing. 

Once again, I love that this product comes with a pump. Great packaging. 

This product has a slightly strange scent, almost like plastic. Elf is known for having strongly scented products, and it is cheap so I am not surprised… Yet this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. 

It has a silicone, smooth consistency. Once applied to the face, my skin feels hydrated and incredibly soft. It fills in my pores and makes the texture on my cheeks less visible! 

I am loving this primer! So much that I’m interested in trying the others! Let me know how these primers work for you!!

Ardell Medium Brown Brow Pomade

I have been interested in purchasing a pomade for my brows for the longest time, but shadows have always been the easiest for me.

The Medium Brown colour of this $8 CA pomade was finally restocked when I went to my local Walmart… I had to get it- and let me tell you this product has changed my Brow game…

Colour Swatch

This Brow pomade has the perfect consistency. Not too moussey, not to dry. It’s the perfect in between, which gives you total control over how much product and coverage you want!

I use my Quo Dual ended Brow brush with this and it works great! I definitely would recommend this Brow pomade to anyone who’s interested in the Anastasia Brow Pomades!! Great dupe πŸ™‚

E.L.F. Concealer

My friend recently purchased this concealer for roughly $5 CA in the shade light, and found it too dark on her skin so she gave it to me! 

This colour is perfect for my Medium, olive skin. I use this concealer under the eyes and it works amazing! I would say it has Medium coverage- and has a dewy, illuminated consistency which is great for brightening the under eyes! I like to set it with my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Great product for a great price!!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner 

In grade 7 and 8 I lived by this Eyeliner. I loved how easy it was to apply due to its thin applicator.

At the time I had run out of liquid liner, and I saw this product at Walmart for $4CA and I decided to purchase it. I am not joking when I say this is the best drugstore Eyeliner EVER!!!!!

The applicator is amazing. It’s so thin, and glides smoothly on the eyelid. The product itself is SOOO black. Like completely Matte black when dry-

Need I say more?? If you’re on the hunt for an affordable liquid liner, pick this one up!

Thanks for reading, Happy New Year!!

Josée ❀


15 thoughts on “Drugstore Beauty Haul + First Impressions | Beauty Everest

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  1. I love E.L.F products, thanks for the review. I wanted to buy the primer a few days ago but was a little nervous. Your review definitely helped.


  2. This is a great haul!! Is this the first time you’ve tried the primer from elf? I have larger pores on my cheeks and I’m always shopping for pore concealer. Also that brow and eyeliner are so gorgeous and bold it’s ashame I’ve walked past this so many times and never bought it . Ty!

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