Ipsy Glam Bag for December | Beauty Everest

Everyone and their mother is subscribed to ipsy… This happens to be my very first ipsy Glam Bag and I must say, they killed it this month!

This is my ipsy referral link- https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link&refer=uciwb

Online, the bag itself appeared to be fluffier and red in colour. As you can see with the flash, the bag is more of a hot pink with short faux fur-

This bag can be used as a makeup bag or clutch!

Lets peak inside ✨

Nip + Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Serum

This product claims to be a highly effective serum with powerful glycolic acid to improve skin texture and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also claims to visibly reduce the appearance of pores. 

I am a huge fan of serums, so I am definitely excited to use this product tonight when I take off my makeup. Hopefully it works as good as it should!

City Color Be Matte Blush

I am lacking blushes in my makeup collection, so I was pumped when I pulled this out of my bag. The product itself is the perfect size for on the go, and the colours are amazing! It comes with 3 gorgeous Matte blushes, here are them swatched on my arm-

I tested out the shade Fresh Melon on my cheeks today and I love this blush palette! The formula is so creamy and pigmented, I am very impressed.

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick

I am a huge fan of smashbox cosmetics, so receiving one of their products in the glam bag was a bonus for me. I love Matte lips, and this product works wonders. It comes out clear and almost feels like a silicone based primer. When applied over top of cream lipstick products, it softly mattifies your lips and appears seamless. I have already used this product to transform some of my old cream lipsticks into new Holy Grails!

Nude Stix Concealer Pencil in shade Medium 4

I don’t own many pencil concelears (because I find them quite drying), and initially when I saw this I knew just what to use it for- carving under my brows. The pointed tip makes it easy to apply directly under the brows in one clean swipe. I followed by blending out the concealer with a flat concealer brush and I loved the outcome!! Will be using this again for the same purpose!

Mint Pear Blending Sponge

We all know nothing compares to the original Beauty Blender, but this thing doesn’t even come close. It is extremely rough and has zero bounce to it. It also does a bad job at soaking up water. Probably will not be using this sponge! (The Quo Sponges from Shoppers Drugmart are amazing Beauty Blender dupes.)

Those are all the products I got in my ipsy bag for the month of December!! I will be doing Ipsy Glam Bag Unbaggings every month for the year of 2017 πŸ™‚

JosΓ©e xo


14 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag for December | Beauty Everest

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  1. Great products, for the sponge I could suggest you use it for something else, such as for your nails. Can’t wait for future months to see what you get…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That’s so disappointing about the mint pear sponge, I’m getting it as well when my glam bag eventually arrives. Thanks for the shoppers drug mart tip though, I need a cheaper alternative to the beauty blender to fit my budget. The rest of your bag looks great!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Monthly it is 10$ plus 5$ shipping, I paid roughly 150$ for a yearly subscription including shipping!! This was my first bag and I’m impressed!


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