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Finally, the long awaited step-by-step everyday brow routine! Although my skin is extremely dry and today wasn’t one of my best brow days, I decided to take close up photo’s while filling them in. My routine is extremely simple, and I stand by the drugstore products I use everyday! I will also include explanations of what I’m doing and what tools I am using! 

Let’s get into it-

These are the products/brushes that I use to fill in and conceal my eyebrows-

  • Ardell Medium Brown Brow Pomade
  • Ardell dual-ended Brow brush (came with the Brow pomade, I only use the spooly on the end)
  • Quo Liner or Brow brush/ flat concealer brush (Quo Tools of the Trade Brush Set)
  • Real Techniques Detailer Brush
  • E.l.f. HD Concealer 

Step 1 & 2 |

1 | I like start my brow routine by brushing them out in the shape that I want them using the spooly on the Ardell Brush. 

2 | I lightly dip the Quo angled brush in the brow pomade, and wipe some of the excess product off on the lid. I follow by lightly feathering the product along the natural arch of my eyebrow.

I also like to run the spooly through my brows during these steps to ensure everything is well blended.

Step 3 & 4 |

3 | I lightly start to fill in the tail-end and centre of my brows. The end of my brows are the most sparse so that’s where I focus my attention. 

4 | I continue to build up the product on the tail-end and centre of my brows until I am content with how it looks. I don’t place any product directly on the front of my brow, instead I like to use the spooly to create a natural fade.

I find it easiest to do hair like strokes using the tip of a thin angled brush. Start by slowly working your way up the tail-end, following the natural arch of the brow. I continue to do hair like strokes along the top of my brow as well, creating a natural fade.

I continue to blend the product with the spooly throughout these steps.

Sometimes my eyebrows don’t turn out as clean as I would like. I use liquid concealer and two different brushes to “carve them out” and perfect them-

Step 5 & 6 |

5 | I place the concealer on the back of my hand, and pick up a small amount on the Quo flat concealer brush. I start at the front-bottom of my brows, and lightly clean them up. I use more of a heavy hand when shaping the arch.

6 | I use the Detailer Brush to carefully blend out the concealer until everything looks seamless.

Here is a close up photo of my eyebrow from my last blog post

I hope this post inspires you to try out some drugstore products! Let me know in the comments how these products work for you & if your steps are different than mine 😜


I recently updated my blog- I’ve included an About Me page and also a Contact Me page. If you’d like to take a look, I’d really appreciate it 😊

As always, thank you so much for reading my content!!


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