Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review | Creeper Stingraye Tulle

Colourpop is a well known affordable  makeup brand in the beauty community. They sell many different colours of lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, even brow pencils all for under 10$.

I discovered Colourpop through YouTube around 2 years ago when Matte Liquid Lipsticks became a hit. For only 6$, I couldn’t resist. I’ve purchased many products by this brand since, including three Ultra Matte Lipsticks, and my experience with these have been troublesome to say the least.

Lets get into the review-

Like I mentioned, I have 3 shades from the Ultra Matte Lip line: Stingraye, Creeper and Tulle. 

Packaging |

The silver cap is a nice touch, and I like how the lipstick tube is clear. But other than that, the packaging itself looks and feels cheap!

 The silver lettering on the tube rubbed off almost immediately after I received them (on all of them), and the applicator is very hard to work with in my opinion-

It’s too fuzzy, if you know what I mean. It’s hard to get a nice, crisp line which I like. You get what you pay for I guess!

Formula |

First things first, these lipsticks dry so much darker than they look in the tube or online. Be careful when you’re purchasing these online because they will be darker in person!!
These lipsticks are very pigmented! I only need to apply one layer to get an even coat of colour on the lips. Once they dry down, they will stay put for hours!

I have not experienced any streakiness with these, but I have heard that some of the darker colours can be patchy. Overall, I find the colour very opaque! Here are some swatches-

I purchased Tulle thinking it would be a warm, brown- toned nude. Boy was I wrong! This lipstick is very dark on my lips which I was not expecting. 

Same goes for Stingraye, which is a collab with one of my favourite youtubers, It’s My Raye Raye! I love to support fellow beauty bloggers, but this lipstick shade is a no for me.

Next issue… SO DRYING. Immediately after I apply even the thinnest coat of this lipstick, my lips crack and end up looking very dehydrated and thirsty. I’ve tried applying Chapstick underneath for more moisture but my lips still look very dry and cracked. I just can’t  seem to get these to work for me!

These are also incredibly difficult to remove like most Liquid Lipsticks!!

I do not like the feel or look of the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks therefore these were a no πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ for me… I really wish I liked the formula more because they are so affordable, but unfortunately they were a miss.
I love Colourpop products and I’ve had some hits and misses, but I can’t wait to try more products by this brand and review them for you guys 😊 Let me know in the comments if you like Colourpop, and if the Ultra Matte Lipsticks worked for you!! 

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