Most Used Affordable Makeup Brushes

Hello beautiful people!! I am in a wonderful mood today and I hope to pass on the good vibes 🙂

Today I have for you my most used affordable makeup brushes-

The brands I use are BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, Quo, Flower Beauty, and eBay Cheapies!

Lets get into it!

My most used eye brushes-

BH Cosmetics 102 Large Shader Brush from the Essential 7 Piece Brush Set | 10$

I use this brush to apply colour all over the lid. It really packs it on and looks seem less!

BH Cosmetics 103 Small Shader Brush from the Essential 7 Piece Brush Set | 10$

You guessed it, I also use this brush to pack colour onto the lid! Great, Essential brushes!

Quo Crease Blender Brush/ Shadow Smudger Brush from the Tools of the Trade Brush Set | 25$
This is my all-time most used brush, hands down. I use this brush in the crease with different shades of the same colour to create natural smokey eyes. This one brush does it all. 

Quo Angled All Over Shadow Brush/ Defined Shadow Brush from the Tools of the Trade Brush Set | 25$

I use this brush every single day to set my entire lid and under the brow before I apply my eyeshadows!

BH Cosmetics 105 Pencil Brush from the Essential 7 Piece Brush Set | 10$

I use this to smoke out the lower lash line! It’s very soft and blends effortlessly.

eBay 10 Piece Brush Set | 5-10$

I figured I’d mention these cheap brush sets you can order from eBay in many different colours. The brushes themselves aren’t 5 star quality, but for a beginner on a budget, they work! I use some of the eye brushes almost every day in the crease and outer V!

I absolutely love these brushes and they are reasonably priced! Some of these brushes I’ve had for over 5 years and they are in great shape!


My most used face brushes-

Starting from left to right:

Flower Beauty Ultimate Powder Brush | 15$

I found this beauty at Walmart while on the hunt for a new powder brush, and I love it! It quickly sets my entire face and blends powders effortlessly! Plus, I love Drew Berrymore!

Real Techniques Contour Brush from the Core Collection | 23$

This brush is the perfect size for setting under the eyes or contouring the hallows of the cheeks. I also like to use this to set the hard spots to get around the nose!

Quo Powder/ Foundation Brush from the Tools of the Trade Brush Set | 25$

This brush is so soft. I use this to set my under eyes, and sometimes all over the face. This would probably be good as a bronzing brush as well, I haven’t gotten around to it.

BH Cosmetics 101 Blending Brush from the Essential 7 Piece Brush Set | 10$
This brush has been with me through thick and thin lol! I got this brush set around 5 years ago from a good friend, and used this as a blending brush for the crease, but I have found a new favourite for that purpose. Now I use this brush to highlight my cheekbones! It is the perfect size, and gives you a lot of control!

Quo Liner or Brow brush/ Flat Concealer Brush from the Tools of the Trade Brush Set | 25$

This is my go-to brow brush! I use the angled end to fill in my brows using either pomade or powder, and the other end to conceal and shape!

Eco Tools 5 Piece Brush Set | 12.99$
I picked this set up at Walmart and I tend to use this brush a lot for bronzing all over the face!

Real Techniques Blush Brush | 12$
Yup, my everyday blush brush! Perfect size and shape for the cheeks!


I hope you enjoyed my most used brush collection! I tend to stick to more affordable products and brushes, and these are my holy grails! Let me know in the comments if you guys have any of these, or any recommendations!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Of course, all opinions are my own and I purchased these products with my own money!

Just Jo Beauty xx ❤

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