Top 10 YouTubers to Watch

Over the years Youtube has changed- I find it difficult to disifer which Influencers are trustworthy nowadays, or worth the watch. 

With all the sponsored videos and free PR they receive, YouTubers can twist their opinions about a product and take advantage of their subscribers…

Today I made a list of my Top 10 YouTubers to Watch. I trust their opinions and generally love their content! 

Here are my Top 10 YouTubers to watch:

  • Carli Bybel

I’ve  watched Carli for a few years and can honestly say that she seems very genuine and kind through her videos. Not to mention she does killer makeup tutorials, and has adorable cats… Absolute beauty on the inside and out!

  • Casey Holmes

Casey is so sweet! She reminds me of a Southern Bell. She excels in Full Coverage Foundation, and amazing smokey eye tutorials! I love her personality and humour! She just recently collaborated with SmashBox Cosmetics and created 2 amazing Highlighting Palettes.

  • Claudia Sulewski

Before Claudia moved to LA, her channel was more focused on Makeup and Style videos. She has since then transitioned into more of a lifestyle vlogger/actress. I love her genuine personality and gauck over her city life!!! 

  • Desi Perkins and LustreLux(Katy)

I love these girls. I must admit Desi and Katy are my top favourite beauty Gurus! They are so hilarious together, yet so talented individually! They both create amazing makeup tutorials and travel vlogs! I ❀ the squad!!!

  • Maddi Bragg 

I love Maddi because she’s real and has a great sense of style. Her wardrobe is very unique and edgy, and her shoe collection is massive! Love watching her hauls!

  • Nikita Dragun 

I found Nikita through Jeffree Star’s channel (if you don’t like Jeffree… goi). Her transition story was very inspiring and heart touching. I love her Bubbly personality and humour (which can be X rated). Plus, she can seriously rock any wig colour!

  • ShaaanXo

I absolutely love Shannon. She has maintained her successful YouTube Channel for many years. I love her tutorials and First Impressions. She’s very honest and thorough when describing a product! She also posts very often which I love! Very comforting person to watch.

  • ThatGirlShaeXo

Another one of my all time Favourite YouTubers. Shae has replied to many of my comments on her videos before which shows how much she cares about her community! She is so sweet and kind, and her tutorials are always very unique! I find her very comforting and honest when it comes to product reviews. 

  • GlamLifeGuru or Tati

I love Tati! She is very consistent with her posts… like I mean one every single day. Her videos always keep me entertained- She reviews the newest, and sometimes weirdest products on the market! I would definitely recommend Tati if you want to stay up to date with all the latest trends!

  • KathleenLights

Kathleen is one of my biggest inspirations. She seems so kind and funny in her videos. She has grown a lot over the years and even launched her very own Nail Polish line called KL Polish. Her videos are very honest and down to earth! Highly recommend her content!


Well that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 YouTubers to Watch post! I love all these YouTubers and swear by their opinions. Let me know in the comments who your favourite Influencers are!

Josée xx 🌹

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