DIY Highlighter 

Today I have for you a very easy DIY Project! I came across an interesting YouTube video of someone creating their own Highlighter, and of course I had to make my own and share my thoughts with you guys!

Highlighters on the market nowadays can get pretty pricey, but luckily this DIY is easy on your wallet.

You will need:

  • Alcohol

  • Eyeshadows with reflects of your choice (pigments will give a more blinding effect)

I used a Picifica Eyeshadow from an old Ipsy bag, the lightest shade in my Wet n Wild Highlighter Palette, and one of the golden shades from an old cheap palette.

  • An empty container to store the Highlighter

I used an old Rimmel Stay Matte Powder pan.

  • Something to stir and break up the products

I used an old pair of tweezers but a toothpick works well.

Step 1 |

Start breaking up the eyeshadows or pigments that you would like to use. Try to use lighter eyeshadows with strong reflects so the Highlighter doesn’t show up as a stripe on your face. Place them into your desired container and continue to stir the eyeshadows until all shades are combined.

Step 2| Add roughly 1/2 a tbs of Alcohol to your eyeshadows. Continue to add small amounts of alcohol until the eyeshadows appear liquidy and completely combined.

Here’s what my Highlighter looked like in the pan.

Step 3 |

Place your Highlighter in a cool dry place for at least 24h to allow the alcohol to evaporate from the pan.

Step 4 |

Once your Highlighter is dry or almost dry in the pan, place a piece of tissue over the product and begin pressing it into the pan to remove any excess alcohol.

And that’s it!

Now you have a custom made Highlighter! I swatched mine on my Instagram Story last night, but if you didn’t check that out here’s a swatch-

Mine came out more subtle than blinding, but that’s the difference between pigments and eyeshadows!

And a few selfies of me testing it out 😜


I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY Highlighter!! I plan to make another Gold one! Thanks for reading, leave a comment below if you plan on trying this! And Tag me in your attempts!!

Josée xx

Link to my Instagram


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