Hello everyone! I didn’t plan on writing a blog post today, but I really wanted to do my very first Question and Answers with you guys!

Woohoo 🎉 

I love interacting with you guys, and connecting on a more personal level! I think this Q&A will be a good way to do so 😊

Most of my followers are beauty related, but a lot of them aren’t! So- I want you guys to ask me anything:

  • Makeup related
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Blog related
  • Social Media
  • Tips
  • Advice

Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about me, drop it in the comments below– or feel free to write me an email if you’d like to remain anonymous!

I love giving advice to others, and I’m quite curious to know what questions you guys may have for me 😊


Thanks so much for reading today’s post, i hope you chose to participate in my first Question and Answers ❤!

Josée xx

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5 thoughts on “My FIRST Q&A!

Add yours

  1. 1) What is the best advice you have ever received? On absolute anything!
    2) What is (in your opinion) the best achievement you’ve had so far with your blog? Like what are you most proud of?
    3) Best place you have ever visited and why?

    Excited for this Q&A!! xxx

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